Buying Guide for Baby Clothes

Published: 29th March 2012
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One of the most exciting things for new or would be parents is to shop for their baby. How do you go about buying the perfect tiny, adorable clothing is discussed below.

Parents getting ready for their first baby often get confused about how many clothes will their new baby need and end up buying too many new born sizes. Donít commit this mistake because you must understand that babies grow really fast within the first few weeks. If you have a good sized baby then most probably he will not fit into new-born sizes at all! In fact you will receive a lot of new-born clothing as gifts in the baby shower too. Do the smart thing and exchange some of the new born clothes for bigger sizes.

The next step is to check the clothing itself for easy wear ability. Look at it closely to understand how it will go on and off. Do not buy any clothing that will make it difficult for you and uncomfortable for the baby during diaper changes and baths. Ideal clothing should have a full snap opening at the bottom or a long zipper on the front. Avoid clothes that need to be pulled over the babyís head as the tugging may hurt the baby. But if you must buy such clothes, then ensure that the neck opening is soft and highly stretchable. Try buying vests, rompers or one piece suits in soft fabric. Also include cardigans, caps and mittens.

If you have the time and the means for it, only then buy baby clothes that require hand washing or dry cleaning. Read the instructions carefully so that you are not left with clothes that need extra washing care. For most parents baby clothes that can't be washed and dried by machine can be a huge problem. So be careful in reading the care instructions.

When you pick a romper for your baby, do not choose it simply because of its smart look or design. There are other features of baby clothing that are more important. The idea is to keep babyís comfort as top priority. So ensure that the snaps, zippers and elastics are not tight or scratchy on the babyís skin. New born babies have very sensitive skin and they get painful rashes and allergic reaction quite quickly. Always buy clothing that has a layer of fabric between the skin and the zipper, the elastic must be covered and the snaps must be free of uneven edges.

You must also stock your babyís wardrobe keeping the weather in mind. If it tends to get really cold, they will need additional layers of clothing. So you can keep your baby snug and warm in a fleece snowsuit. Avoid heavier clothing especially in the car seat as it can get really uncomfortable for the baby. Usually a fleece one piece worn over a vest and then a cardigan on top should be enough in average cold conditions.

Buying the perfect socks is also an important thing on your shopping list. If your baby is going to arrive right in the middle of the winter, you need to stock up on socks. The right size can be determined by a few trial and errors. Shoes are not needed for new born babies, however, you can put soft fabric shoes on if you want to stylise them or want to ensure the socks donít fall off.

Once you have the list ready, head for online stores offering great deals on cheap baby clothes of high quality. Happy Shopping!

The writer is associated with Universal Textiles, the leading hosiery retailers in the UK. They provide clothes for the whole family including baby clothes, childrens pyjamas and other items.

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