How to Dress up Your Summer Baby?

Published: 30th March 2012
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Dressing up your bundle of joy arriving in summer requires a lot of planning. Even if you donít have to buy infant snowsuits, and cardigans, there is a lot of shopping to be done. Read on for more.

People having babies in the summer are considered to be luckier as they donít have to load up on infant snowsuits or keep their baby indoors for months. However, dressing up the baby for summer still has its share of challenges and requires a certain amount of planning. What can confuse a first time parent is the huge number of options available in baby clothing- types/ colours and designs. Every parent will want their baby girl to look like a princess and their baby boy to turn out like a prince; while being comfortable in their clothing too. Here are some tips on how to dress a baby for summers, so that the entire process is easy for you and comfortable for the baby:

1. Layering is important: A new born baby is very sensitive and needs to be protected against swift temperature changes. This is where layering comes in. You must dress your baby his or hers first summer using layers. Layers are extremely helpful as they protect the baby from unpleasant and sudden temperature changes when he travels between the outdoor heat and air conditioned indoors. So, you need to buy essential clothing items like a basic one-piece body suit, vests, shorts, shirt, a jacket and a pair of socks with a cap. Now while you are inside, with the air-conditioning on, for a long time, add all the layers to your babyís clothing. And when you need to step outside, you can take some of the layers off and make him feel comfortable.

2. Protection against the sun: You little one has highly sensitive sun, which is prone to sunburn within minutes of exposure. That is why you must protect your baby from direct sunlight, make them wear a hat and keep their arms and legs covered. Always remember to use baby sunscreen on their face, scalp, neck, arms, legs and ears whenever you will be outdoors for more than a few minutes.

3. The Fabric, colours and types: If you are confused about what to buy- remember this golden rule- the baby must be comfortable and protected. This means in the summer, your baby must have easy, breathable fabric on him, lightweight and soft cottons are ideal. The colours need to be light too- like white, pink or mauve so that the baby remains cool. The basic idea- buy summer clothing for your baby just as you would dress yourself- comfort, cool and light. Of course, be careful about scratchy zippers, or snaps or embroidery/design patterns.

Keep these tips in mind when you dress your baby up for the summer, buy lots of easy to put on and take off one-pieces, rompers and baby suits in softest of fabrics so that your baby remains comfortable while stepping out in the heat. Remember to use layering when you will keep the baby in air conditioned environment for long hours. Bonnet and hats are a must for outdoors. Whether you need to buy baby girl dresses or shorts for your little boy, get them from reliable baby clothing manufacturers for the best in quality and price.

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