Safety - Fingerless Gloves - A Perfect Combination Of Style-Comfort And Usability

Published: 18th November 2011
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Fingerless Gloves is a piece of garment that can do much more than up your style quotient, or protect your hands. They can be really useful, and make your task much easier. Whether they are leather or wool, these fingerless gloves will make you value them as an accessory.

You have always seen fingerless gloves as a style statement-that became a rage in the 80s-with Madonna leading the style pack. For the celebrities, fingerless gloves have always been special, that is why, they club them with stylish gowns and other apparel. Present day superstars like singer Rihanna., TV star Kim Kardashian socialite Paris Hilton and actor Sarah Jessica Parker, have been seen flaunting fingerless gloves at various occasions. Women are often inspired by celebrities, and maybe you have been also thinking to get your own pair of fingerless gloves. Well, go ahead with the purchase, as you will not only get the style, but also the utility with the accessory.

As far as ladies gloves of the fingerless variety are concerned, you may have the choice of choosing from cashmere, fleece, leather, knit or crochet gloves. Whatever the make you choose, you have the freedom of doing most of the things to anything without having to take off your gloves. This is the biggest utility of the fingerless style! You have your hand protected, yet you can use your hand without any barriers. Some of the basic things that we need to do urgently, but waste time in taking off and then putting on the glove again are- scratching your nose- using your cell phone for calling or for texting-writing/ using a pen- opening buttons on your bag, or snaps of some kind. If you are in a grocery store, with a line of rapidly getting impatient customers, and you need to find some change in your purse-what slows down the process- your gloves. So if you had fingerless gloves on, you would be able to find the change in a jiffy! Imagine having to go inside a tool box with gloves on! But with fingerless gloves, it's so much easier to perform these tasks.

Thermal fingerless gloves are designed in a way to have sufficient padding in the middle to provide effective protection against the cold, yet allow you to use your hands properly. They are available in multiple colours and patterns that make it easier for you to match them well with your clothing. Also the low cost of knit gloves allows you to buy multiple pieces, and have one to match every outfit. They are easy to maintain too, so that you can wear them throughout the day without worrying about them.

As for the men, they absolutely love fingerless gloves when it comes to driving a motorcycle. The cushioning for the palms provides protection against soreness, that is inevitable after long rides. With full gloves, you may not get a good grip, and hands may often slip off the handlebars. For a better grip, men choose fingerless gloves, and mind you, it is a smart choice.

Whether it is men's gloves or ladies gloves, the fingerless variety is a sure winner. You can choose any material you see fit, but for durability pick leather, and for comfort and style choose knit-thermal gloves. So, this season, make sure to choose a fingerless glove- to get a grip and hold onto things- all the while your palm is well protected.

The writer of this article is a fashion consultant with Universal Textiles, the top provider of men, women and baby clothing in the United Kingdom.

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